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Начало Книги, Играчки & Пъзели Бизнес & Икономика All Business Is Local: Why Place Matters More Than Ever in a Global, Virtual World

All Business Is Local: Why Place Matters More Than Ever in a Global, Virtual World

Тук пишете кратко описание на продукта и акцентирате върху забележителните му характеристики. Съветваме ви кратко, ясно и точно да опишете най-важното, което Вашите клиенти трябва да знаят.
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16.95 лв.
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    Portfolio Hardcover
  • Автор:
    John A. Quelch
  • Размери:
    8.2 x 5.7 x 1
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Why businesses should never underestimate the power of place.

Today's business leaders are so obsessed with all things global and virtual that they risk neglecting the critical impact of physical place. It's a paradox of the Internet age: now that it's possible for businesses to be everywhere at once, they need to focus on what it means to be one specific place at a time.

The best global brands, from IBM to McDonald's, are by design also the leading local brands. For instance, your decision to patronize Starbucks will depend on whether it's the best local coffee shop in your neighborhood, not on how many thousands of global locations it has.

Marketing experts John Quelch and Katherine Jocz offer a new way to think about place in every strategic decision-from how to leverage consumer associations with locations to where to position products on the shelf. They explore case studies such as Nike and The Apple Store, which use place in creative ways.

Drawing on a blend of hard data and engaging anecdotes, this book will help any business-from global mega-brands to boutique, small town stores- influence customers more effectively.

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